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Boston Children’s Museum has been building innovative, engaging and interactive experiences for children and families for 100 years. Museums across the country host exhibits created by Boston Children’s Museum, many of which have become national favorites, such as Bubbles, Raceways and Arthur’s World. Our programs draw visitors from all across the United States and Canada.  And our training resources, consultancy services and travelling exhibits extend our reach far beyond our walls, to museums all around the world.

Boston Children’s Museum has served as a field leader in creating innovative exhibits and programs for decades, with the world’s first “hands-on” exhibit (What’s Inside, 1960s); the world’s first exhibit designed specifically for very young children (PlaySpace, 1970s); pioneering science exhibits (Bubbles and Raceways, 1980s); and groundbreaking exhibits about world cultures (Kids Bridge and Teen Tokyo, 1990s). Many of these exhibits and programs have been replicated in other museums around the world, and our most recent exhibits like KidPower, Peep’s World and Countdown to Kindergarten continue that legacy today.

Generations of children have enjoyed learning about science, culture, the arts, literacy, health, the environment and more in our museum. We know your children will love it too. And because each of our exhibits and programs are designed for children and the adults in their lives…you might have just as much fun as your kids do.

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